Hidden River Ranch

Hidden River Ranch encompasses 1,250 acres of cropland, grassland and timber. There are over 15 miles of trails through open prairie, timber and along the Maquoketa River. The view in the background is the place Grandpa Donald Clark called "Paradise Hill". The original 300 acres of Hidden River Ranch have been in the family since the 1950's, when Cammie's grandparents Don and Wilma Clark purchased the ground.

Since 2001, Bill and Cammie with their two sons and their families have been adding surrounding ground, purchasing much of it from the Shover Family of Monticello. The Shover Family homesteaded in this area and have made significant contributions to various businesses in Monticello since the 1800s.

Bill and their oldest son plant and harvest the crops including all of the work that goes on between. Cammie maintains the finances and enjoys her horses including trail riding and cutting, and most of all, enjoys playing with her grandchildren. Their younest son lives in Ames with his wife and their daughter and works as a front-end software engineer. Bill and the boys try to keep the deer and turkey population in check.

Family and friends enjoy the ranch with the Greif's throughout the year, including hiking, horseback riding, ATV riding, archery, skeet shooting, kayaking, visiting with canoers, hunting and general outdoor fun.